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Blogging lesson learned: edit ruthlessly before you post. Most people won’t read those carefully crafted changes three days later. On the previous article I accidentally hit “publish” before I was done, and while I think it’s okay now, I don’t think anyone has actually read it in that state. So now i’ve taken to editing […]


Unit Bars

My kids don’t solve word problems. They just don’t. I’ll ask them to read a problem, and they’ll sound out the words. Then i’ll ask them what the question was about, and I’ll only get blank stares. Further probing only results in “I don’t know”. These are kids that will happily follow through anything else […]

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I’m having two problems: The wysiwig editor is nuts – it loses paragraph breaks and seems to randomly change font size. I can’t find a theme I like, and am having a hell of a time munging existing ones to be something Ii find acceptable.Any advice?

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I’m an okay teacher. Some days I hit one out of the park, other days I struggle. Inspired by dan I’ve decided to record my experiences officially, rather than in comments in other blogs or as part of my non professional life. It should at least allow me to build on my successes, and learn […]

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