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{ Yearly Archives } 2008

Bad Idea

I used Dan’s Graphing Stories Last friday. Today a kid asked if we could watch the George Bush shoe ducking video in class. It’s okay if I can make it curricularly relevant, right?

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Warm Up Question #6

What is the distance record for jumping a Big Wheel? With a back flip even!


Underrecognized blogs

It’s that time of year again – the Edublog Awards. I must not get it, because most of those (though not all) can’t stay in my feed reader. Too trite, too off, too not what my experience of teaching is. On the flip side, here are some that aren’t nominated, but that will stay in […]



I don’t usually pimp out websites or games, but I’m a sucker for good puzzles, and this one delivers on the design level, too. Uhm, for some education application? Note the complete lack of need for written instructions.



After I got my credential, before I got a full time position (and before I actually knew how to teach) I spent some of my spare time between applying for jobs developing web pages to teach certain concepts. Some of those ideas were horrible, but today in my geometry class I managed to pull out […]

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Mr. K’s Big Fail

I’ve spent the past 3 days in a training called Capturing Kids Hearts. As professional development goes, it was pretty good1. There are some areas of teaching I’m pretty good at, but that I think I could be really good at. This covered a lot of those. One thing I’m really bad at, though, may […]


Understanding Learning

Dan talks about oblivious teachers, wondering whether awareness is learned, or inherent. I hope that I’m living proof that it can be learned. This year, I inherited a room that had a 3 foot hole kicked into the wall last year. When I cleaned it out, there were several dozen books that had wedged into […]

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Warm Up Question 5

How many James Bond movies have been made? Which of course requires a discussion first of whether one should include the ’67 “Casino Royal” in the list.


Unconventional Construction

So I threw the triangle congruency rules at my kids. Being smart kids, they dutifully memorized them, and some even figured out what they meant. Kind of. But they didn’t get it. It’s the sort of thing you want to use construction for – to let them dig in and experiment and try for themselves […]

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Copying Lines

For all of their hatred of numbers in their various forms, kids really struggle with graphing. Something I tried this year, and will expand on next year, is to just have them copy graphed lines off of my slide onto their xeroxed worksheet of grids. As I went around, I gave a running count of […]

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