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March 2008

Vent #1

Yesterday I heard two different teachers say, in front of the kids: “I never got math”. When did this become acceptable for anyone, let alone an educator, to say? I think it would be just as unconscionable to claim, as a math teacher, that spelling and grammar are not only not worth studying, but impossible […]

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Forwards & Backwards

I’ve done a lot of opinionating, and not so much lesson sharing. I’ve wanted to, but the adding and subtracting of negatives didn’t go well, and I had to reteach them focusing on the mechanics, slowly tying those mechanics to the manipulative practice before. It went well, but was just old fashioned grunt work teaching, […]

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Classroom Management: How to Personalize it

Penelope asks I wish more people would write about specifics. All the advice that I get, online, in the faculty room, is too general for that moment when the student has just Done Something and I don’t know what to do. This may not help her much, but she has already answered her own question […]

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