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May 2008

Descriptive Ratio

Today we had our California Standardized Test training. We need to watch a half hour of videos on how to hand out tests and not cheat. One of the things we got is our class distribution – number of students each of us was responsible for, along with some other data, including Special Ed or […]

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Linear Inequalities

I didn’t have to teach them this year. But I worked on a lesson for them with some other teachers. I take it back – here’s a real world application: Go to You’ll see tables that look like this: | May. 7 |\3. Utah | | 7:35 p.m. |\3. at LA Lakers| {background:#ddd}.| Favorite […]

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Teaching the long tail” align=“left” alt=”“ /> Our school has a program called Algebra Readiness. Ostensibly, it’s for all of the 8th graders who aren’t ready for Algebra. Judging by the results of our tests, and their success rate in high school, we should probably place about 60-70% of our kids into it. I believe in this program. […]

Part of the Job

Today was Cinco de Mayo. Our school had a big lunchtime extravaganza – a big fair, with all sorts of different food for sale, and performances by dancers and musicians. I missed it all because I was in my room, watching over a kid who was traumatized by some of his friends making fun of […]


How to follow up one variable equations

A while back, I wrote the intro to one variable lesson. I’d meant to follow it up, and never did. I also took some pictures, but i seem to have lost most of them, and the materials used for those lessons have disappeared into boxes while I was temporarily displaced from my room. Here then, […]

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