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June 2008

Interview Questions

So, I’ve been talking to teachers and administrators about where our school is going lately. The discussions have led me to spiral in on two primary questions1: 1. Given the inability to offer financial incentives, how else do you attract and retain superior teachers? 2. What immediate evidence should be apparent to show that your […]

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Like losing a leg…

My school year is pretty much over. The eighth graders are going to be practicing for graduation – those that didn’t make it are going to get an hour of monotonous lecture on the consequences of failure (in this case, enduring monotonous lectures from me). Today we had a school wide survey, and when I […]

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Today we had a school wide survey. Teachers took one. The kids took it twice – for two different teachers. Then they took home one for their parents to fill out as well. As I’ve discussed, I have the low performing kids. They, in large part, lack motivation. One of the explicit instructions on the […]

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Report Card

Dina talks about wanting a report card. It’s a thinly disguised list of goals for next year. But, I like the idea. My review this year was an unending row of “Meets Expectations” checkboxes. I want something more. So here’s what I plan on grading myself on 12 months from now: General Goals: Engage students. […]

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Too much on my plate?

It looks to be a busy year next year. On top of being a math department chair and Pearson process facilitator, I am also looking at two completely new preps (or at least completely new since I’ve become a competent teacher): Algebra and Geometry. Those two new preps come with trade offs of their own: […]

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Managing Teachers?!?

Last Friday was our 8th grade picnic: during 5th & 6th periods all the eligible 8th graders who bought tickets were allowed to go to the sports field where they had a couple of jumpers, a sumo wrestling setup, pizza and a stand for bottled water. 8th graders being what they are, a few of […]

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Some days…

Some days I’m not sure where the kids learn some of this stuff. I am quite sure that I have never mentioned a left triangle in my life.