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August 2008

Accidental Good Advice.

Today during the new teacher meeting, as I was remarking on how helpful teachers were, I also was looking for a diplomatic way of cautioning our new teachers against those who offer well meaning but misguided (and harmful) advice. I had one such helper my first year, who kept offering advice about classroom management and […]

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New Teacher Guidance

I’m not even sure where to begin. I talked with the BTSA AP, and she’s listing off all sorts of things she wants the new teachers to do: standards compliant bulletin boards, backwards planning, text rich classrooms, and so on. I’m wondering how to explain to them how to take roll on the first day […]

Warm up Question 1

I like Dan idea of having an offbeat question in each of his warmups. I’m not sure I’ll be able to come up with good ones on a daily basis, but as I come across some that are worth sharing, I’ll put them up here Usain Bolt won gold medals and set world records in […]


How much do they know?

I had a minor epiphany a couple of days ago. As a math teacher, I am used to evaluating kids based on their CST performances: Proficient, Far Below Basic, etc. My ELA colleagues often refer to their kids reading level – second grade, 5th grade, and so on. And I had a bit of envy. […]

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I’ve been wondering how to address this, both in my head, and in how I present it to the world. We got our test scores back – the raw numbers, at least. Number of kids that I had who tested at Proficient or Advanced: Zero. That was kind of a shock. I’m used to my […]

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Admin Note

My hosting provider’s DB server is getting hammered, which means that there will be a lot of “Error Connecting to Database” messages until it gets cleaned up. Of course, if that’s happening, you won’t be able to read this message.



From the Top We have a new Principal. She seems nice enough, if a bit young. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I have the feeling that our school needs a strong leader, someone who knows how they want things to be. And it seems that strength and vision comes primarily from experience. On the […]

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I spent two weeks at the beginning of summer in Germany traveling with my family. As usual, that extended family time was rather stressful, and left me rather out of sorts when I came back home. I had hoped that I’d recover quickly, and be able to spend, as usual, the second half of my […]