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September 2008

Oh, really?

Here’s my version of Dan’s seriously? face. Best used when they’re actually right. I’m amazed that the kids never catch on.

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This is my (count on fingers) 5th year of teaching. I’m certainly no expert – I still can screw up on a regular basis. But I came into this year feeling fairly confident that I could handle most of what the classroom could throw at me. I forgot to take into account that most of […]


My Fat Mouth IV

Today I put my foot in my mouth – and not in a good way. I went to talk to one of the APs, who was talking to our new principal. After I’d finished the business I needed to discuss, I made some comment about this year going really well, much better than last year. […]


??? 2.0

It’s a new year – and time for a new season of ??? I’m the new teacher coordinator – My job is to try to let them survive their first year. I am pretty happy with this group. There is one who seems to have some expectations that aren’t going to be met, but the […]

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I hate technology

I’m having a hell of a time getting Latexit to install under Tiger. Or rather, I;m having a hell of a time getting its dependencies all in order. It either will tell me that I’m missing a bunch of stuff, or hang forever. I’m about to cry1, and my lessons for tomorrow are not even […]


Minor Success

I wanted my kids to excel on the CST. I wanted them to get a new deep understanding from math. I wanted to move them from an attitude of perpetual failure to one of success. For the most part, I didn’t get far. But today, one of my kids from last year came by. He’s […]

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