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{ Yearly Archives } 2009

Last Day with Students

All year I look like one of those teachers that gets put away in the recharging closet overnight, only to come out ready to teach the next class the next day. Part of the job is to model appropriate behavior and attire for a professional environment. The problem is that the kids have no idea […]

Diameter tape?

Why did no one ever tell me these things existed? This begs to be one of those “throw it out to the class, and let them figure it out” type of lessons.


I’m showing the ubiquitous end of year math movie: Stand and Deliver. I haven’t done this in years, and most of my kids have seen it, but they’ve been good, and I could use the down time. It turns out, the movie is a lot more familiar this time around. The orange bulletin board in […]


The penultimate grades were due this morning, even though the entry window on our system goes through tomorrow (blame paranoid administrators who set early deadlines because they can’t trust teachers to keep a real one). Today I tested my kids on graphing point slope form (very old, and something they’d struggled with) and multiplying binomials […]

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Giving in

I suppose giving in is better than giving up. And I think I did this in the wrong order. State testing is done, and I have a bunch of kids who still want to graduate. So I decided to just teach them the procedures, and relax on actual comprehension. If they can at least go […]

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Ever since christmas break, I’ve been off of my stride. The week before spring break, I finally felt like I wasn’t tripping all over myself in every single class. And I think most of the struggle had to do with me so deeply integrating the fourfold way into my lessons – every two variable equation […]



Today in first period, a student came in tardy, his scalp dripping with blood dripping from over a dozen lacerations. I gave him a Snoopy band aid.


Pi Day

It’s been a month since I’ve posted. I’ve been questioning my skills as a teacher, and going through serious blahs. I’m still not through them, but when I’m feeling that way, I’m not inclined to think I’ve got a lot to say that the world wants to hear. But, today is Pi Day. I have […]


What’s wrong with this picture?

For your kids, if you’re covering quartiles:

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As if the rubber band ball distraction or the thoughts on time and becoming an expert weren’t enough, Kate totally cemented my educrush by coining the phrase Fox News math.