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{ Yearly Archives } 2011

Letter to a New Teacher.

I was recently connected (via email) by a friend to a new teacher who is struggling. I’m never quite sure what to say. For what it’s worth, here was my response: > stress and anger management. Heh. That seemed to define my first year. The crappy thing about teaching is that (I’m convinced) no one […]


I’m a little bit late jumping on the pseudoteaching meme. I’m wondering whether it’s the right thing to attack. Look at that. I can’t tell if it’s wordle, or imitation wordle made by hand. But it’s front and center at our school lobby as “evidence of learning”. I can’t blame anyone for putting it there […]

Point Loan Followup

I did some more thinking after my Point Loan post the other day: This probably a direct result of my Dan style SBG: even though the grade is an aggregation of a number of different scores, I see it as so representative of a students skills that I am loathe to twitch it a little […]

Repeated Whatever

I’m working through Euler Problem 188, which causes me to to go look up the Wikipedia page on tetration. At some point, while my brain is spinning, trying to figure out exactly how and where modulus operations can be incorporated into this to make the problem solvable, I become very glad that the “Multiplication is […]

What the hell are we doing here?

There’s a bit of a stir about Natalie Munroe’s blog. (Sure, it’s been deleted, but the cache lives on). For all the handwringing about how a teacher could say that about a student, that’s not what concerns me. I’ve heard similar in every faculty lunchroom I’ve been in. I’ve heard the same sorts of justifications […]

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I didn’t feel like a proper member of this school until just now: The woodshop class made me a sign:

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Point loans

I have a couple of kids who came into my class this year with a huge deficit. They had to make it up, and a large number of them did. (One of my students was failing horribly, about 20% on his tests or so, for the first month). A lot of them have put in […]

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