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{ Yearly Archives } 2012

Quick check for understanding.

For your kids: Pick two numbers, randomly. What is the probability that the product will be even? (I suspect that this is one of those evaluating number sense questions that people would argue about forever on facebook if it showed up there.).

Data! Testing! Gah!

So, part of what kills me about the whole testing debate is that even teachers seem to buy into the fact that the test itself is okay. They’ll present arguments like “You don’t know if the kid had a bad day” or “Who knows how well the questions are written”. But there’s never any decent […]

Narrative vs Exposition

Prompt: Why did you name your blog what you did? I was going to pass on this prompt, but I found out yesterday that I’m getting stulled this year, and realized that it is still an issue for me. Lately, I’ve been hearing english teachers talk about a focus on exposition. And traditional teaching has […]

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Counting Days

I totally stole this from NASA: (The black marbles are days to the CST – I hate how that’s become the focus of everything)

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Math on web pages (Advancing Technology)

I’m a luddite. When you, Mr Ed Tech advocate, come up with new stuff to try to impress me, it usually doesn’t. But, there’s more than edtech out there in the world. People have been doing crafty stuff. Stuff like MathJax. Available both as a wordpress plugin, or a one line script load at the […]


Aaaaand here we go, again.

I’ve not posted in a long time. Years, at this point. I want to talk about how my practice has improved, how I’m connecting better to kids, and how my lessons are kicking ass and taking names. But that hasn’t been happening. I’ve been fighting a rearguard action, and it’s about as pretty as you […]