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{ Yearly Archives } 2014

For the geometry teachers.

This is awesome. I’m not sure if you plan a lesson around it, or just have kids fill extra time with it. It could be bigger than Oregon Trail.

The value of substituting

I’ve been teaching for a while now. A lot of the bloggers who were around back when have moved on to bigger things than being in the classroom. I, apparently, have gone the other direction. The school I had taught at for the past 4 years shrunk their enrollment precipitously. Some combination of demographics, charter […]

Let them make their own rules

Shamelessly stolen from a comment on Dan’s blog: For things like exponent rules, students are expected to act like a computer programmer and be meticulous in how they work through the problems. Because exponents are just symbols to my students, sometimes they make up their own rules (as any teacher probably knows). If you know […]

Prominently Posting Standards

This is what I think of every time I hear an Administrator requiring that the current standard being taught be prominently displayed in the classroom: It seems that everyone except people in education realizes that you don’t lead with your punchline.