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Just a reminder & Some resolutions

Christian mentions in a comment:

I can’t help but wonder how it’d feel if we teachers accepted the same paradigm for our kids, too. Sometimes they’re home run champs. Other times they’re barely able to put on the uniform. But they’re in the game. Just like we are. One swing at a time.

I know that this has been said before, but I think it’s worth restating as often as possible: Our kids learn the same way we do: They get bored, they get confused, they get frustrated. And the same kid can one day be on a streak, and the next day in a slump.

One of the cornerstones of good teaching is being able to understand and relate to the kids. And so my resolutions for this year (probably as imperfectly kept as ever) are to

  1. When my kids start to act out, instead of pushing back at them, figure out what curveball I just threw them.
  2. When Ii get bored in PD, remember that this is what my kids feel like in my class, and use that bored time to find ways to make one of my lessons more interesting.
  3. Continue to work on differentiating lessons. This is the hardest thing in the world, for a teacher, but making a topic available on many levels allows a student to pick it up where they are at for that day, rather than having to try to keep up with the whole formation.
  1. Increase my cultural awareness. My kids are incredibly sensitive to cultural differences. I need to be too, and find ways to help them straddle the gap.