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There is no irony in middle school administration.

I work at a school that requires uniforms. If kids show up out of uniform, they are intercepted by the security people on the way through the gates, and sent to get a change of clothes. They are supposed wash the clothes at home and bring them back the next day.


So this morning one of the AP’s and the principal were discussing what to do about the problem. I butted in and suggested providing them jumpsuits with a big PROPERTY OF LAUSD stenciled across the back.

Neither one of them blinked an eye.


A couple of weeks ago, a teacher came running up to me, saying “Did you see him? He just ran this way. Hispanic boy, about medium height, black hair, wearing blue slacks and a white shirt”.
He wasn’t kidding. I looked around, and saw about 80 kids in the hallway that fit that exact description.


Is it me?

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  1. Anne | February 9, 2008 at 5:39 am | Permalink

    I had to laugh. A few year ago I worked at a National Heritage Academy charter school where the students wore uniforms—navy and white for the elementary students and green and khaki for the middle school students. I only wish there had been a gatekeeper checking the uniforms. Should checking dress code compliance be the responsibility of the teachers? As it was, we teachers were constantly issuing “dress code citations” at the insistence the of the principal. Then the parents would call and complain about the teachers issuing the violations, the principal would buckle and override the citation, and the kids would continue to dress in violation of the code (shirts too short to stay tucked into pants, no belt, etc.) Finally, the middle school social studies teacher suggested new uniforms: jumpsuits. Navy and white striped for the elementary students, and orange for the middle school. He pointed out that no belt would be needed and there would be no possibility of the shirts being untucked. Needless to say, the Principal was not amused.