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Weekend Project

A month or two ago, I got a Macbook Air.

It’s eye candy, and everyone at work, both adults and students, ooh and ahh over it.

I’ve been slightly worried about theft, so I told my students that it had a lojack on it. I hate bluffing, so this weekend I got around to actually writing one:


Whenever the computer changes its internet connection (every time it wakes up and finds a wireless connection) it pings my website to see if it’s being watched. If it is, it does a traceroute to my hosting provider (which is just like tracing a phone call), takes a picture of whatever is in front of the screen, and uploads it to my website. I can use my website to toggle the watch status of each of my computers, and monitor all of the logged information.

Not bad for 10 hours worth of work, and I’m pretty sure it’s a step up on what the digital natives expect from me.

The nice thing is that this should easily install on the new imac i got at work, as well.