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Report Card

Dina talks about wanting a report card.

It’s a thinly disguised list of goals for next year. But, I like the idea. My review this year was an unending row of “Meets Expectations” checkboxes. I want something more.

So here’s what I plan on grading myself on 12 months from now:

General Goals:

  • Engage students.
  • Make standards accessible.
  • Effectively collaborate with peers.
  • Extend influence beyond the boundaries of the classroom.
  • Effectively reflect on practice.

Specific Goals

  • Observe more. Be observed more.
  • Do more lesson analysis here.
  • Solicit feedback from students.
  • Provide students with better tools to evaluate their own learning.
  • Develop tools to track student behavior/work habits. Make those accessible to students as well.
  • Make sure that, as facilitator, I really facilitate. (IOW, keep my mouth shut).
  • As department chair, keep teachers focused on teaching, and teaching effectively.
  • As department chair, push the administration to make my teachers’ jobs easier. Oppose the administration on anything that makes my teachers’ jobs more difficult.

And finally, as a meta, I expect to be able to give myself a break if I don’t get 100%.

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  1. Kris | June 19, 2008 at 4:59 pm | Permalink

    Just came across your blog and thought I’d share thoughts on one of your goals. I taught in an ELD program this year where kids did a ton of graphing of their growth and I was amazed at how into it they got and how much they enjoyed it. We just did basic graphs so they could show the areas that they improved on and they colored the squares up to their score with a big line marking the 80% goal. It was quite impressive how they focused on that and how quickly they wanted their tests graded and returned so they could mark their graphs. It really taught me that just having a small little step after returning tests makes them so much more meaningful. Obviously we always review tests and correct answers and all that stuff but they want to DO something with it! Anyway just an idea for an easy way to help kids monitor their progress. Let me know if you want a copy of the graph for you to modify for your uses – I’d be happy to share.