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Like losing a leg…

My school year is pretty much over. The eighth graders are going to be practicing for graduation – those that didn’t make it are going to get an hour of monotonous lecture on the consequences of failure (in this case, enduring monotonous lectures from me).

Today we had a school wide survey, and when I turned on my projector to provide the intro, the bulb blew.

Our supplies department has no replacement bulbs. In fact, they plan on replacing the whole projector rather than replacing the bulb1. Of course, they have no projectors available right now. Fortunately it’s at the end of the school year – I can get away with not using it for three days. During the discussion of its use, I was questioned on how frequently I used it.

I use it daily. I use it all period long. I go from warm up to cool down with it. I wear out the buttons on the remote flipping through all of the animations I’ve built. I’m at the point where I can’t imagine teaching without it.

So, rather than adjusting my usage patterns, as suggested by the supplies coordinator2, I think I’ll be using a sizable chunk of my next year’s discretionary allowance on buying a backup bulb for this thing.

1 The reasoning is not entirely unsound – it has to do with how budgets need to be managed. We all know that bureaucracy makes stuff more expensive, right?

2 I think they just want us to have technology, but not actually use it.