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New Courses

I’ve got two new courses next year. I’m pretty sure I’ll be comfortable with the subject matter, the problem is that I’m not quite sure exactly what it is yet.

So here’s how I’m getting ready for it:

That folder has two sections, one for algebra and one for geometry. Each section has:

  • The state standards for that class
  • The CST blueprint for that class (i.e. how many questions for each standard there will be)
  • Our district’s instructional guide
  • Any and all released questions or district practice tests for that subject that I could find.

The work for the rest of the summer will consist of

  • Identifying the key areas (which also includes identifying areas which can be elided)
  • Establishing about 3 dozen or so concept goals – small units of knowledge that can be independently evaluated.
  • Understanding how the test will interpret those standards.
  • Making sure that my lessons reflect those interpretations.
  • Start collecting images and projects that will support those, with a focus on the first 10 weeks.

I also added another level of hierarchy to my school directory structure: I now have in the top level directories for each class, plus one for administrative stuff and another for fun diversion. In each class, I’ve got a folder for each one of the concept goals, which in turn will have my slide decks, handouts, and tests.