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??? 2.0

It’s a new year – and time for a new season of ???

I’m the new teacher coordinator – My job is to try to let them survive their first year. I am pretty happy with this group. There is one who seems to have some expectations that aren’t going to be met, but the rest are looking way better than I did my first year, have their feet under them, and are quick enough to recover most minor missteps.

One thing that’s been driving some of them crazy is that they’re getting phone calls, during class time, to remind them to do their attendance. I almost always do my attendance at the end of class (we’re supposed to submit it in the first 10 minutes of class) and I never get phone calls. The new teachers do not yet have computers, or an account to the attendance system, or internet access in their rooms, and they’re getting phone calls several times a period to get them to submit attendance.

So I go to talk to the AP in charge to straighten the situation out.

AP: They’re supposed to have computers!
Me: We haven’t given them any. Apparently they’re on order. Perhaps you could intervene to speed it up?
AP: They could go next door to submit their attendance!
Me: Are you really suggesting that they, especially as new teachers, leave their classroom unattended for 5 minutes to submit attendance?
AP: Oh. Uhm, Well they can do it during nutrition and lunch!
Me: They are. But after the first 10 minutes of class, they get phone calls telling them that they’re over due. Perhaps we could not start pestering them until, oh, 5 minutes after they actually have an opportunity to submit it?
AP: Fine, but they better have it in by the end of the day!
Me: Thank you!
AP: You’re coddling those new teachers too much. I had to learn it the hard way, you had to learn it the hard way, if they can’t handle this, they’ve got no business being in the profession.
Me (inside my head): And you call yourself an educator?