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Warm Up Question 3

What is the state with the most people per square mile?

As a side note:

This feature already paid off in spades. My 5th period is somewhat rowdy, and takes somewhere between 3-5 minutes to settle down and work, depending on the day. All of my other classes have pens moving on paper before the bell is done ringing, so this one needs a bit of adjustment.

Yesterday, they were closer to the 5 minutes than the 3. So, when I got to the trivia part of the warm up, I didn’t say anything, I just forwarded the slide. All of a sudden, yells of protest (some from the same kids who last week wanted to know why I was wasting time on stuff they didn’t need to know) came from the class. I apologized, but noted that I expect to cover a lot of material in class, and that because of their slow start we were behind and I needed to catch up.

Today, the few kids who weren’t writing as the bell rung were going 30 seconds later.

I can’t abuse this trick too often, and it’s awfully early in the year to have to bust it out. But boy, do I like the results.