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Radio Silence

Unlike a lot of other bloggers, my not posting doesn’t mean my life is going horribly.

It’s not going great – I’m persistently tired. Having two preps that I’ve never taught before means that I’m putting in long hours just to come up with fundamental, first try, nothing innovative lesson plans. Every once in a while I get a bit of inspiration, but I just don’t feel I have the time or the insight to provide an exceptional lesson every day.

The good news is that (a) I am developing a base of lessons, a schedule I can build off of and use as a foundation next year, and (b) getting those insights as to what constitute student hangups that I’ll be able to address preemptively rather than reflexively next time around.

I’m also falling off of the treadmill on my other duties – I’m barely keeping up with my responsibilities as department chair, Learning Teams facilitator, or as new teacher coordinator. Actually, I’m managing the responsibility part, but I’m not taking it to the next step, pushing it to make the whole school rather than just my classroom better.

Just like my first year, I’m at the beginning of several learning curves. I’m adapting and evolving every day, but what reporting I’d do would mostly be about failures avoided (or not) than it would be about great successes.