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After I got my credential, before I got a full time position (and before I actually knew how to teach) I spent some of my spare time between applying for jobs developing web pages to teach certain concepts.

Some of those ideas were horrible, but today in my geometry class I managed to pull out this one. It was actually not too bad. I’d rewrite some of the questions on that page (to be in line with the Rule of Least Power), but as a tool, it still works – especially if you let the kids look at the static version for a while before you start dragging the vertices around.

Sometimes, out of the mouths of babes you get wisdom. And sometimes, from the inexperienced, raw teachers, you get stuff that actually may pay off. Even if that teacher was me, 6 years ago.

I’d also like to thank Apple for making desktop sharing so straightforward – It allowed me to run the display from the back of the room on my lap top, rather than be attached via the desktop cable.