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Giving in

I suppose giving in is better than giving up.

And I think I did this in the wrong order.

State testing is done, and I have a bunch of kids who still want to graduate.

So I decided to just teach them the procedures, and relax on actual comprehension. If they can at least go through the motions, understanding might come later.

The big stupid surprise?

All of a sudden, I have classrooms of focused kids who are happily solving pages of problems. I’m waiting for one of them to complain that I hadn’t taught this way all year.

I’m starting to think (albeit a bit late) that expecting these kids to step out of their comfort zone before they have any clue is too much. The problem, of course, is that as soon as they think they get it, they stop looking for deeper understanding. It’s an anti chicken and egg problem – not which comes first, but how to make sure that the part that is supposed to come second actually happens.

At least I still have something to think about for the next time I teach this class.