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Fingers crossed

What’s wrong with this picture?

To be fair to my administration, the classroom hasn’t been officially released by the district (apparently the school does not retain control of rooms that are being remodeled) and it is still being used as storage for other classrooms that are being remodeled – hence the stacks of tables and desks against the walls. And the order of new furniture was, ahem, kindergarden sized. As in those teeny chairs. Which I almost wish I’d been able to keep.

I’ve been promised that I’ll have chairs for my tables before classes start tomorrow.

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  1. Tom Escott | September 9, 2009 at 3:02 am | Permalink

    Mr. K,

    It is so frustrating to start each year with the uncertainty about lack of supplies and equipment. That’s why you see teachers crowding the Staples stores before school begins.

    Challenges like this, however, often spark creativity. Since the classroom is controlled by the district, those moments of creativity may be limited.

    Maybe you could push everything against the walls and sit on the floor. In any case, you should probably have a fall-back plan that is a fun activity.