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Where in the hell have I been?

So, I suck at New Year’s resolutions.

We’ll see how this one (to resume regular blogging) sticks.

I’m at a new school. I mentioned that. I’m loving my new school. The teachers are collegial, the kids are kids, and my administration takes the job of creating a good learning environment for kids seriously. It’s been easy for me to just go into the classroom, and teach, and enjoy the heck out of the job.

I’m also not doing a lot of stuff that is, to me, new. And it’s hard to write about the same old same old.

But I got called out by Kate. And I still see stuff on a regular basis (like that price of liquids graph that I totally would have beat Dan out on if I’d only been posting) that is totally shareable.

What really got me back, though, was a poignant comment on one of my own threads. There’s a need there – people want to learn. They just need good teaching. There’s a bit of hubris in assuming that I can fill that need, but at this point I’m willing to consider that a professional danger.

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