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How to tell if a teacher is going to be bad on the first day of school

Polled some of my kids today on how they can tell if a teacher is going to be ineffective or not. Without any ordering or filtering, here were some of the first day warnings they had:

  • Angry or mean face
  • Condescending attitude
  • Messy/disorganized classroom(+)[1]
  • Too emotional
  • Yelling (++)
  • Too friendly
  • Too much info too fast
  • No explanations
  • Sending people out without a warning
  • No respect/reciprocity
  • Stuttering/Mumbling
  • Using too much technology/spending time on the phone/ignoring students
  • Tough attitude
  • Acts frustrated
  • Rushes through stuff
  • Too strict and inflexible
  • No organization for seating
  • Judges students based on appearance

1 (+) indicates an identical response from more than one class.