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Point Loan Followup

I did some more thinking after my Point Loan post the other day:

  • This probably a direct result of my Dan style SBG: even though the grade is an aggregation of a number of different scores, I see it as so representative of a students skills that I am loathe to twitch it a little bit for fear of losing its fidelity. This is a huge change from where I was a couple of years ago.
  • This attitude seems to reflect itself in my students. I can’t remember the last time a student complained about the grade that I “gave” them. It’s all about what grade they got.
  • Out of all of my qualified students, only one took me up on the offer. The other dozen or so decided that they’d take what they deserved, and keep their threshold for next semester just a little bit lower. Rather than seeing this as a wasted effort, I see it as a validation and reinforcement of how I want them to see their efforts.