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What Teachers Need from Administrators

Scott McLeod has asked a weeks worth of teachers to guest post about what what they need from administrators. I’m not one of them, but it wouldn’t hurt to throw my opinions out there. I’ve been thinking about this a bit, since I am now in my seventh year of teaching, and will have my […]

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I’m Helping!

Had a discussion with another math teacher here the other day. We were both in favor of increased observations in our classrooms, both by administrators, and by other teachers. We both think that having more feedback would allow us to focus our efforts at growth. Where we differed was in how we’d like to have […]

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Start School When?

I’m seeing a bunch of teacher blogs about getting ready for school in a week or two. The back to school ads are out in force. I’m still almost four weeks away from the first day of class. Which is okay, I guess. I’m enjoying my summer. But, we also have a month and a […]

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From the Top We have a new Principal. She seems nice enough, if a bit young. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I have the feeling that our school needs a strong leader, someone who knows how they want things to be. And it seems that strength and vision comes primarily from experience. On the […]

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Business != School

There’s the big debate about whether schools could, or should, be run like a business. I’ve certainly worked for some businesses that would drive a school into the ground. On the other hand, I’ve experienced some business models that would make a school flourish. A lot of the positive aspects i’ve experienced are embodied at […]

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School Management

So, a while back, Dan brought up classroom management. Then Scott started another comment fest with video examples of unmanaged classrooms. Absences Along the way, in between, I’ve been having discussions with teachers at our school. I mentioned to one of them that I’d been having a lot more class coverages lately1. They told me […]

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How to run a school

TMAO had a couple of recent posts where he talked about the criminalization of misconduct and punishment superseding tutoring time. This indexed put it all in relief. In my four years of teaching, I have had 5 principals. For the most part, they have ranged from “more in the way than useful” to “dealing with […]

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There is no irony in middle school administration.

I work at a school that requires uniforms. If kids show up out of uniform, they are intercepted by the security people on the way through the gates, and sent to get a change of clothes. They are supposed wash the clothes at home and bring them back the next day. Right. So this morning […]

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One of the kids whose parents I met with today is about to turn 16. In 8th grade. He’s two years older than everyone else. I mentioned it to one of the APs. His take? Didn’t want to do anything about it because the parents would question why it hadn’t been caught earlier. Apparently my […]

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