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Counting Days

I totally stole this from NASA: (The black marbles are days to the CST – I hate how that’s become the focus of everything)

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What’s wrong with this picture?

For your kids, if you’re covering quartiles:

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Math => Art

Here’s a math problem: Given a two dimensional function (i.e. two dimensional domain, one dimensional range), how do you distribute points such that the integral of the function over the area closer to one point than any other is equivalent to the other integrals over similarly defined areas for all of the other points? Here’s […]

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I realize that music is important to a lot of people. It sure featured prominently in a lot of people’s annual reports. It used to be pretty important to me, until I spent two years as music/program director for a decently sized college radio station where I listened to about 200 new albums/week and kind […]

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I love Indexed. It’s almost all math. You either get graphs with direct and inverse variation or Venn diagrams that show off observations about life and the world. I think these are perfect for 30 second commercial breaks in the middle of class. It gets rid of the numbers and formulas, and just works on […]

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