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Copying Lines

For all of their hatred of numbers in their various forms, kids really struggle with graphing. Something I tried this year, and will expand on next year, is to just have them copy graphed lines off of my slide onto their xeroxed worksheet of grids. As I went around, I gave a running count of […]

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Sometimes, the most effective ideas are ones that seem like they should be completely obvious. Even by the time they get to algebra, some kids never quite get the hang of graphing. Forget understanding, they can’t even get a hold of the mechanics. Finally, I managed to get a breakthrough so that even the most […]

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Set Up Lessons

I’ve noticed recently that I’ve been doing something almost subconsciously, and I want to start doing it some more intent. I’ve been doing this long enough that I’ve got an idea of where kids will get hung up, get frustrated, and quit. I haven’t found a way to force them through that in situ, but […]

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Coordinate Plane

Here’s an intro to the coordinate plane: You may want to change the language from the original site a bit, but it seems that having kids make their own version of this would help develop the concept how we visually relate two different things.

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