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??? 1.2

Our geometry textbook covers the distance formula on page 19. The pythagorean theorem shows up on on page 535.

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Managing Teachers?!?

Last Friday was our 8th grade picnic: during 5th & 6th periods all the eligible 8th graders who bought tickets were allowed to go to the sports field where they had a couple of jumpers, a sumo wrestling setup, pizza and a stand for bottled water. 8th graders being what they are, a few of […]

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??? 1.1

I was pretty excited about going to see Stephen Hawking tonight1. Last time I went, the line to get in was all the way across campus – fortunately I’d managed to score some VIP tickets and and bypass all that for the preferred seating. I’d managed to get some for this time around as well, […]

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??? 1.0

I was walking onto campus this morning with a shopping bag full of styrofoam cups – probably about 200 or so. A teacher walking next to me engaged me in conversation: “So, you having a party?” “Nope” “Those are all for your personal use?” “Nope.” “???” Is it weird that I find it troubling that […]

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