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Giving in

I suppose giving in is better than giving up. And I think I did this in the wrong order. State testing is done, and I have a bunch of kids who still want to graduate. So I decided to just teach them the procedures, and relax on actual comprehension. If they can at least go […]

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How much do they know?

I had a minor epiphany a couple of days ago. As a math teacher, I am used to evaluating kids based on their CST performances: Proficient, Far Below Basic, etc. My ELA colleagues often refer to their kids reading level – second grade, 5th grade, and so on. And I had a bit of envy. […]

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Easy Lessons!

Some days the world just throws math lessons in your lap: Record setting black hole found Potential lessons that scream out of this: Ratios Scientific notation Volume & Density Rates Or you just combine all of the above to try to get some sort of number sense of just how crazy extreme that stuff is.

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