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Teaching Proofs – My Plan

I’m teaching geometry this year. It’s my first time since student teaching to do this, so I don’t have a whole lot of experience with it yet. Proofs are introduced in geometry. There are two whole chapters on it in our book. It seems that, because of the way that standards are written, that they’re […]

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Forwards and Backwards redux

So that lesson on multiplying negative and positive numbers still worked great for my algebra kids, understanding wise, even if they looked a little nonplussed at the end of it1. As a recap, it goes through various combinations of video of a student walking forwards, or backwards, and then running the video forwards and backwards. […]

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How many microphones in a megaphone?

Here a diversion for the next time you have to teach scientific notation or the metric system.

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New Courses

I’ve got two new courses next year. I’m pretty sure I’ll be comfortable with the subject matter, the problem is that I’m not quite sure exactly what it is yet. So here’s how I’m getting ready for it: That folder has two sections, one for algebra and one for geometry. Each section has: The state […]

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Set Up Lesson (2)

The pythagorean theorem expresses a nonintuitive relationship – that’s where a lot of its power comes from. Unfortunately, the way it is usually taught involves a formula (or two or even three depending on how it’s taught) and learning which numbers to plug in where. And it almost never sticks. This is the lesson I […]

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Slope Intercept Worksheet

I know. Worksheets suck. They don’t teach our kids anything. But I liked this one, and my kids did too. In fact, they liked the graphing more than they liked the punchline. I’m never going to be hip.

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Set Up Lessons

I’ve noticed recently that I’ve been doing something almost subconsciously, and I want to start doing it some more intent. I’ve been doing this long enough that I’ve got an idea of where kids will get hung up, get frustrated, and quit. I haven’t found a way to force them through that in situ, but […]

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Linear Inequalities

I didn’t have to teach them this year. But I worked on a lesson for them with some other teachers. I take it back – here’s a real world application: Go to You’ll see tables that look like this: | May. 7 |\3. Utah | | 7:35 p.m. |\3. at LA Lakers| {background:#ddd}.| Favorite […]

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How to follow up one variable equations

A while back, I wrote the intro to one variable lesson. I’d meant to follow it up, and never did. I also took some pictures, but i seem to have lost most of them, and the materials used for those lessons have disappeared into boxes while I was temporarily displaced from my room. Here then, […]

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Another Lesson Idea

I’m just about getting ready to start teaching 2 variable stuff. This is always a tricky time – the whole understanding of what a variable is has to change. Dan had a great lesson on airline travel that i’ll use if I can figure out how to reserve computer lab time. Then this showed up […]

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