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The Eyeballing Game

I’m not teaching geometry this year, but one of the biggest hurdles the kids had to overcome was that they’re expected to have some facility with recognizing midpoints, angles and so on, but that they’re not allowed to assume that what they see actually is that way unless it’s labelled as such. Matthias Wendel has […]

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Student Connections, or the Lack Thereof.

Some of my students are taking an AVID class that happens to occur during my conference period, so occasionally I stop by. Now, linear equations can be written in a lot of different forms, but we only focus on three. These students were working on equations in point slope form: $$(y-y_0) = \frac{rise}{run}(x-x_0)$$ There was […]

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Slope Intercept Worksheet

I know. Worksheets suck. They don’t teach our kids anything. But I liked this one, and my kids did too. In fact, they liked the graphing more than they liked the punchline. I’m never going to be hip.

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Set Up Lessons

I’ve noticed recently that I’ve been doing something almost subconsciously, and I want to start doing it some more intent. I’ve been doing this long enough that I’ve got an idea of where kids will get hung up, get frustrated, and quit. I haven’t found a way to force them through that in situ, but […]

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Another Lesson Idea

I’m just about getting ready to start teaching 2 variable stuff. This is always a tricky time – the whole understanding of what a variable is has to change. Dan had a great lesson on airline travel that i’ll use if I can figure out how to reserve computer lab time. Then this showed up […]

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