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I am the least organized person on the planet. My office at home looks like a disaster area. Before automatic bill pay, I got those pink envelopes all the time. I don’t think I’ve ever balanced a checkbook. As a teacher, this can be fatal. So I’ve had to learn how to fake it. I’m […]

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Managing Teachers?!?

Last Friday was our 8th grade picnic: during 5th & 6th periods all the eligible 8th graders who bought tickets were allowed to go to the sports field where they had a couple of jumpers, a sumo wrestling setup, pizza and a stand for bottled water. 8th graders being what they are, a few of […]

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Descriptive Ratio

Today we had our California Standardized Test training. We need to watch a half hour of videos on how to hand out tests and not cheat. One of the things we got is our class distribution – number of students each of us was responsible for, along with some other data, including Special Ed or […]

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School Management

So, a while back, Dan brought up classroom management. Then Scott started another comment fest with video examples of unmanaged classrooms. Absences Along the way, in between, I’ve been having discussions with teachers at our school. I mentioned to one of them that I’d been having a lot more class coverages lately1. They told me […]

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Classroom Management: How to Personalize it

Penelope asks I wish more people would write about specifics. All the advice that I get, online, in the faculty room, is too general for that moment when the student has just Done Something and I don’t know what to do. This may not help her much, but she has already answered her own question […]

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