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Side effects

I teach two remedial prealgebra classes. One of the biggest hangups for these kids is that they never learned their basic multiplication tables. It’s hard to develop any sort of number sense if you can’t even make a quick guess at how many Xs are here: X X X X X X X X X […]

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Forwards & Backwards

I’ve done a lot of opinionating, and not so much lesson sharing. I’ve wanted to, but the adding and subtracting of negatives didn’t go well, and I had to reteach them focusing on the mechanics, slowly tying those mechanics to the manipulative practice before. It went well, but was just old fashioned grunt work teaching, […]

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I stole another idea from my math coach1. After the quiz today, I gave the kids a bit of relief, and used the built in camera on my new laptop to set up a recording area, and had those kids who wanted to show off walk forwards & backwards (with big arrow signs pointing in […]

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Silver Lining

So I did a craptastic lesson yesterday. Minimal preparation – just a short slide deck as an intro, and then an assignment sheet out of the consumable book from the scripted program I’m supposed to be teaching. I certainly didn’t feel a lot of inspiration, and it certainly didn’t feel worthy of the accolades of […]

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