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Narrative vs Exposition

Prompt: Why did you name your blog what you did? I was going to pass on this prompt, but I found out yesterday that I’m getting stulled this year, and realized that it is still an issue for me. Lately, I’ve been hearing english teachers talk about a focus on exposition. And traditional teaching has […]

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Aaaaand here we go, again.

I’ve not posted in a long time. Years, at this point. I want to talk about how my practice has improved, how I’m connecting better to kids, and how my lessons are kicking ass and taking names. But that hasn’t been happening. I’ve been fighting a rearguard action, and it’s about as pretty as you […]

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What the hell are we doing here?

There’s a bit of a stir about Natalie Munroe’s blog. (Sure, it’s been deleted, but the cache lives on). For all the handwringing about how a teacher could say that about a student, that’s not what concerns me. I’ve heard similar in every faculty lunchroom I’ve been in. I’ve heard the same sorts of justifications […]

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I didn’t feel like a proper member of this school until just now: The woodshop class made me a sign:

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I am the least organized person on the planet. My office at home looks like a disaster area. Before automatic bill pay, I got those pink envelopes all the time. I don’t think I’ve ever balanced a checkbook. As a teacher, this can be fatal. So I’ve had to learn how to fake it. I’m […]

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Questions: The pipe dream

There’s this trope, mostly appearing in martial arts fiction, of a learning process where tasks that appear menial and pointless are actual lessons that impose the skills or knowledge needed without the student being aware that they’re learning anything. My favorite of these is in The Matador series by Steve Perry1. In it, neophytes try […]

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The 20% problem

I want to respond to a comment left on one of my other posts: I want the kids to learn and retain it for more than the test. I am a first year teacher, and my biggest struggle is getting the kids to do homework or even study for a test. Without a major makeup […]

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On your mark…

It’s amazing how much even some resolution can change my attitude. I know I have a room1. I know what grade level I’m going to be teaching. I’ve had my first department meeting, and all of my fellow teachers are interested both in math, and in teaching. I know that I’m going to have a […]

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Student Connections, or the Lack Thereof.

Some of my students are taking an AVID class that happens to occur during my conference period, so occasionally I stop by. Now, linear equations can be written in a lot of different forms, but we only focus on three. These students were working on equations in point slope form: $$(y-y_0) = \frac{rise}{run}(x-x_0)$$ There was […]

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Interview Questions

So, I’ve been talking to teachers and administrators about where our school is going lately. The discussions have led me to spiral in on two primary questions1: 1. Given the inability to offer financial incentives, how else do you attract and retain superior teachers? 2. What immediate evidence should be apparent to show that your […]

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