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Today we had a school wide survey. Teachers took one. The kids took it twice – for two different teachers. Then they took home one for their parents to fill out as well. As I’ve discussed, I have the low performing kids. They, in large part, lack motivation. One of the explicit instructions on the […]

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Report Card

Dina talks about wanting a report card. It’s a thinly disguised list of goals for next year. But, I like the idea. My review this year was an unending row of “Meets Expectations” checkboxes. I want something more. So here’s what I plan on grading myself on 12 months from now: General Goals: Engage students. […]

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Too much on my plate?

It looks to be a busy year next year. On top of being a math department chair and Pearson process facilitator, I am also looking at two completely new preps (or at least completely new since I’ve become a competent teacher): Algebra and Geometry. Those two new preps come with trade offs of their own: […]

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That Science Article

I finally managed to read the original text of that Science article. You know, the one that raised hackles? It addresses an issue I’ve troubled myself over before. For all of the naysaying about the validity of the study, it rings true to me. How do I get my kids to see the connection between […]

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I need a word. Kind of like Schadenfreude, but the opposite. Instead of happiness at someone else’s misfortune, I need to describe guilty relief. I had three kids leave my classes this week. They were transferred, for behavior reasons1. These are kids that somedays I thought were hard as nails, and other days I felt […]

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Badass Teachers

I wrote the following a while back about being a badass teacher. I’ve known a couple in my life, badass teachers. Teachers I want to be like. Teachers that the kids love, whose kids do orders of magnitude better on standardized tests than everyone else’s, whose student work shows the highest levels of critical thinking, […]

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Teaching Gap?

Ms Kudu responds to TMAO’s post on cultural differences in education success: I will go one step further to say that I don’t believe there are all that many external factors which make the education of any group as difficult as it may seem. I come to believe, more and more each day, that arguments […]

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Forwarded Letter

I don’t agree with Chris on everything, but this letter comes right when I’m hitting that 4 year mark. I don’t think I’m in any danger of quitting any time soon. I do exhibit some of that hubris, though (and I know I’m not alone). It’s probably worth remembering that, as much as one would […]

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Learning != Doing

I’m going to try to draw together a couple of threads here. It could come out woven beautifully, it could end up in a huge snarl… Shaving A couple of months ago, I was at a local district math development, and ended up discussing the use of technology with the head math coach. I made […]

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Rest in Peace.

J was one of my toughest students, by far, this year. He’d never do any classwork, and enjoyed instigating other kids to get into trouble. A couple of weeks ago, he became one of the few students this school transfers out. This past weekend, he got shot in the head. Now I feel like there […]

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