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Scientific Notation

How many microphones in a megaphone?

Here a diversion for the next time you have to teach scientific notation or the metric system.

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Scientific Notation: Conclusion

For the standards, I don’t have to take scientific notation very far. They don’t need to be able to do arithmetic with them, they just need to be able to understand them: convert to them, from them, and compare them. Those last two, in my informal evaluations during the classes, were gimmes. Incidental learning that […]

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Scientific Notation: Nitty Gritty

Part two went way better than I had any right to expect to. These are low performing 8th graders. Theoretically, they’ve been over exponent rules before. I had maybe 3 kids in all my classes who could even remember the word exponent two days ago. So when I gave them this handout, some of the […]

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Scientific Notation Intro

End of the semester – quarterly assessments are over, but there’s one topic to teach them left, even though it won’t get onto this semester’s grades. I thought I’d give dan’s advice a try: build the worksheet first. This is what I came up with. It’s a short day – I think after a warmup […]

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