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Math on web pages (Advancing Technology)

I’m a luddite. When you, Mr Ed Tech advocate, come up with new stuff to try to impress me, it usually doesn’t. But, there’s more than edtech out there in the world. People have been doing crafty stuff. Stuff like MathJax. Available both as a wordpress plugin, or a one line script load at the […]

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The Eyeballing Game

I’m not teaching geometry this year, but one of the biggest hurdles the kids had to overcome was that they’re expected to have some facility with recognizing midpoints, angles and so on, but that they’re not allowed to assume that what they see actually is that way unless it’s labelled as such. Matthias Wendel has […]

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I hate technology

I’m having a hell of a time getting Latexit to install under Tiger. Or rather, I;m having a hell of a time getting its dependencies all in order. It either will tell me that I’m missing a bunch of stuff, or hang forever. I’m about to cry1, and my lessons for tomorrow are not even […]

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Like losing a leg…

My school year is pretty much over. The eighth graders are going to be practicing for graduation – those that didn’t make it are going to get an hour of monotonous lecture on the consequences of failure (in this case, enduring monotonous lectures from me). Today we had a school wide survey, and when I […]

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Weekend Project

A month or two ago, I got a Macbook Air. It’s eye candy, and everyone at work, both adults and students, ooh and ahh over it. I’ve been slightly worried about theft, so I told my students that it had a lojack on it. I hate bluffing, so this weekend I got around to actually […]

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Things I wonder about…

I got a new digital camera1, and I was letting my kids play with it. There was, even with the lowest performing students, that facile use of the buttons and switches that belies “digital native”. But they only used the most basic functionality, and didn’t seem to have any interest at all in exposure settings […]

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Learning != Doing

I’m going to try to draw together a couple of threads here. It could come out woven beautifully, it could end up in a huge snarl… Shaving A couple of months ago, I was at a local district math development, and ended up discussing the use of technology with the head math coach. I made […]

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How I want to Teach Ratios

I first saw this in 1991, but after Dave’s thing on teaching ratios, and struggling with how I’d make it interesting for my kids, I realized that I want this in my classroom: Here’s a video of it in action. The way it works is this: Every audience member gets a stick. One side is […]

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How to use Tech

I’m giving a quiz on adding & subtracting negative numbers. There are 4 interesting cases for adding, 6 for subtracting. Provide two problems for each case, makes for a nice 20 question quiz. Thing is, I hate trying to come up with random enough numbers. So, I wrote a perl script to generate my problems. […]

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Refusing Technology

This post (about other businesses aside from education, such as supermarket cashiers or stockbrokers, where the use of technology is not optional) is over a month old, at this point, but it’s sticking in my head. In fact, there’s a lot of stuff swimming in there – this is going to turn into more than […]

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