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The Eyeballing Game

I’m not teaching geometry this year, but one of the biggest hurdles the kids had to overcome was that they’re expected to have some facility with recognizing midpoints, angles and so on, but that they’re not allowed to assume that what they see actually is that way unless it’s labelled as such. Matthias Wendel has […]

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Making them think

My kids are very answer oriented. I can tell them to focus on the process, but as any decent teacher knows, telling isn’t learning. This is probably old news to some of you out there, but I’ve finally found a way to get my Geometry kids to focus on the process more than the answer: […]

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After I got my credential, before I got a full time position (and before I actually knew how to teach) I spent some of my spare time between applying for jobs developing web pages to teach certain concepts. Some of those ideas were horrible, but today in my geometry class I managed to pull out […]

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Unconventional Construction

So I threw the triangle congruency rules at my kids. Being smart kids, they dutifully memorized them, and some even figured out what they meant. Kind of. But they didn’t get it. It’s the sort of thing you want to use construction for – to let them dig in and experiment and try for themselves […]

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