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Warm Up

Warm Up Question #6

What is the distance record for jumping a Big Wheel? With a back flip even!

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Warm Up Question 5

How many James Bond movies have been made? Which of course requires a discussion first of whether one should include the ’67 “Casino Royal” in the list.

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Warm Up Question 4

This is a bad idea, but I’m going with it anyway. On what date is “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” celebrated?

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Warm Up Question 3

What is the state with the most people per square mile? As a side note: This feature already paid off in spades. My 5th period is somewhat rowdy, and takes somewhere between 3-5 minutes to settle down and work, depending on the day. All of my other classes have pens moving on paper before the […]

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Warm Up Question 2

How many millionaires are there in the United States?

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Warm up Question 1

I like Dan idea of having an offbeat question in each of his warmups. I’m not sure I’ll be able to come up with good ones on a daily basis, but as I come across some that are worth sharing, I’ll put them up here Usain Bolt won gold medals and set world records in […]

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